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Getting the Best of Your Massage:

Receiving a massage hardly requires any work; however, there are some steps to take to get the BEST out of your massage. I have listed some key points for you in order to prepare for a massage.

Remember, this is YOUR experience.



"I choose to invest in myself by having a massage"

->Arrive early

   -This gives you time to fill out any required forms

   -Use the restroom

   -Begin to relax before you enter the room

-> Breathe

   -Breathing deeply encourages deeper state of relaxation

->Drink plenty of water

   -This is expected and highly recommended before AND after your massage. Staying hydrated before receiving a massage will increase your circulation, making your muscles more pliable and adaptive. Drinking water after a massage flushes your system of all the toxins that were once stored in constricted muscles.

->Communicate with your massage therapist

   -Is the room to hot or too cold?

   -Is the pressure too much or too little?

   -Would you like the therapist to move to another area?

->Be open and receptive

->Let go of your thoughts

   -Stay focused on touch

->Avoid eating heavy meals

   -Eat lightly within the hour of your massage

->Turn OFF or silent phone

  -Tune into your self!




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