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Kimberly Schmitendorf

"Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart."

Hello and Welcome!

Kimberly is the creator and lead practitioner at Emerald Body & Breath. A Licensed Massage Therapist, Thai-Yoga Bodyworker, and Transformational Breathwork Facilitator.

Her purpose and passion are to provide a safe place to guide individuals into a deeper sense of well-being by combining worldly knowledge and experience into a synthesis of structural bodywork, yoga, breathwork, and intuitive awareness.


Kimberly graduated from the Healing Arts Center in Saint Louis in 2012, with a broad spectrum of healing-touch modalities. Kimberly's love for learning extended to Central America when she began studying Thai Yoga Massage in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Since then she has taken her skills to new heights as she has taken courses for Hands-free techniques as well as Transformational Breath coaching.





With every client, my goal is to consciously connect the Body and the Breath, so one can become connected with their inner Self and Source, which lends to powerful breakthroughs and transformations. My job as a health care practitioner and an intuitive, compassionate channel, is to help you fulfill the vision you hold for yourself and your life.


Peace and ease of being,



Please reach out if you have any questions


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