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Breath is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do as we leave this plane. How important is the Breath in our daily lives if this is the essence of Life as we know? Transformational Breathwork is a guided processes to activate a full, conscious, and connected breathing pattern.


The inhale is connected to the exhale and the exhale begins as soon as the inhale is finished- using the entire diaphragm. Once we open the breath, we release tension both in the musculo-skeleton and also in stored thoughts and emotions. How common is it to hold onto past traumas? Our breath is a tool to explore where we may be holding onto past and present tension, breathe through it and let it go. Complete relaxation.


You may gain a sense of awareness in how you breathe in daily stressors or splendors after just one session. Connecting with the breath is an empowering way to control how your mind and body react to everyday life. It is recommended to do atleast 10 breathing sessions to fully let go and reset old breathing/life patterns. 

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